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About Us

We provide professional services in the area of accounting, cost accounting, cost audit, internal audit, management audit, operational audit, energy audit etc.


We undertake accounting function - partially or wholly - of large, medium and small enterprises. The enterprise outsourcing accounting function on us can be a manufacturing industry or service industry. We prepare all accounting records including basic records to finalization of financial statements. One time assignments like preparation of fixed assets register etc. are also undertaken.

Cost Accounting

We prepare cost accounting records - as required under various laws and Cost Accounting Record Rules - of various companies. Preparation of cost accounting records is a highly technical work that can't be done by an accountant handling general accounting work. Most of the companies outsource this function.

Cost Audit

We carry out the cost audit as required under section 233B of Indian Companies Act, 1956. The cost audit helps in pointing out cost deficiencies and operational inefficiencies in enterprises. Despite being a statutory requirement, many companies opt for voluntary cost audit.

We also undertake work to review cost records and issue compliance report as per Cost Accounting Record Rules 2011.

Internal Audit

We carry out the internal audit of various companies to help the company management in identifying areas where operational efficiency can be improved. The internal audit aims at bringing about better internal control within the systems and sub-systems in the organizations. We are experts in designing MIS (Management Information System) for exercising better control in organizations.

Management Audit

We conduct management audit of companies. The management audit helps raising managerial effectiveness. Review of planning, organizing, directing, staffing, control, coordination, reporting and budgeting functions of top and middle management is done to strengthen the management efficiency.

Operational Audit

We carry out the operational audit to ensure that better efficiency is brought out at middle and lower managerial levels. Operational audit helps in enhancing productivity within organization. We conduct propriety audit of NPOs with a view to ensure that the money has been spent for furtherance of objectives of entity.

Energy Audit

We carry out the energy audit with a view to conserve and control precious inputs and resources being consumed within the organization.

Excise Audit

We conduct the excise audit under section 14A and 14AA of Central Excise Act. We also carry out desk review assigned by Excise Department. We are on the panel of Central Excise Authorities.

Internal Audit Stock Brokers

Half-yearly Internal Audit of Stock Brokers and Credit Rating Agencies as prescribed by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Internal Audit for depository operations

Internal and Concurrent Audit for depository operations under National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL)